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Voglerbrigge (deluxe Postcard 12-Pack)
TBA | #SQ000001

Collected in this colorful pop-up envelope lie the first adventures of Version Vthe cyborg machine whose dissatisfaction with the banality and strictness of the workforce leads him to a revolt and great escape into the real world. The result is a meeting of two worlds, fusing together to create a magical and tangible reality; one in which the external and internal selves collide to explore cultural, sexual and gender identity. Imagined, designed, portrayed and photographed by ROLANDO, this collection of stories depict a queer, breathable representation of life.

-The Apparition of the South Central Angel
-The Last Date
-The Great Escape
The Rainbow Ballet
The Day He Saw Himself in Others
The Emancipation of Version V
The Revolt of Version V and His Attempt to Liberate the Cyborg People
-The Council of Rolando and Malte
The Morning the Cyborgs Craved the Same Thing But Attended Their...
The Day Cyborg 325 Remembered How to Fly
BONUS: The Cyborg & Calavera

12 Postcards (LxW: 4.5"x6") glossy
1 envelope (LxW: 6"x6") matted

Voglerbrigge, 20122014
Designed, Manufactured and Printed in Los Angeles, CA

Also Available: Voglerbrigge (Standard Postcard 10-Pack)